Repurposing Shipping Containers into
Event and Marketing Machines
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New Production Office and Talent/Hospitality Containers for Lease

Talent Hospitality Container (PDF)
Production Office Container (PDF)

Meet the next generation of mobile branding.

Boxx Systems, Inc.

Our services

Acquisition - Containers come in several shapes and sizes. Boxx Systems will acquire the Container that meets your needs precisely. We offer new and re-purposed Containers.

Leasing and Sales - Whether you decide to lease or own your Container, our leasing and sales team will provide you with some very simple and straight forward terms.

Choose and modify an existing Boxx Container or let us fabricate a custom design from the ground up.

Conceptualize, Design and Fabricate - Boxx Systems will work with you to conceptualize, design and fabricate a Container that meets and exceeds all of your needs and expectations. We will walk you through the design process and show you what your Container will look like upon completion, before we even start the first weld. Because our Containers are so flexible and scalable in their design possibilities,

The sky is truly the limit.

LEED US Green Building Council LEED US Green Building Council


Leed Certified Containers

Because our Containers are re-purposed, they are inherently friendly to the environment due to their recycled qualities. However, if your goal is to go the extra step, let Boxx Systems help design and fabricate a Leed Certified Custom Container for you. We will walk you through the Leed Certification process and present the fabrication options to you.

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