Repurposing Shipping Containers into
Event and Marketing Machines
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Mobilization could not be easier, via Trailer, Rail or Ship

Equipment Storage, Management and Transport


Need a home on the West coast to store, service and maintain your container/trailer/event display equipment or vehicle? For a very reasonable cost, Boxx will break-down and store your equipment safely, in our secure facility, regardless of whether it's a Boxx product or not. If your specialized equipment is in need of service or repair, Boxx Logistics will take care of that for you. Our facility is centrally located in the Los Angeles area with very easy access to the ports of Los Angeles and San Pedro as well as LAX, Rail Transport and every major Trucking Corridor. We will prep your event equipment and ship it anywhere in the world. Or we can have it ready for a quick pick-up by one of your team members. Regardless, Boxx will handle any or all of your logistics needs – turn key.

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