Repurposing Shipping Containers into
Event and Marketing Machines
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Mobilization could not be easier, via Trailer, Rail or Ship

Boxx Logistics Team

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The Boxx Logistics Team along with our tour partners can work with you to activate your container and create a tour schedule that is in sync with your company's vision, time table and budget.

Cost Analysis
Boxx will do a full vetting of all event locations and provide an itemized estimate of logistic and event costs.

The end result will be turn-key for you. When we say turn-key, we mean completely turn-key. All day-to-day financial and operational aspects of your tour can be managed by Boxx Systems. Leases are structured in a simple monthly payment. There are no hidden surprises, making it stress free to execute and easier to lock in budget approvals.

If your tour logistics are being handled outside of Boxx, we will work seamlessly with your logistics and tour team and provide them everything they need to give you a truly integrated result.

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